Susan Dey in Bed of Lies (post #2)

In 1992, Susan Dey starred in Bed of Lies, the first of four of made-for-TV movies she would make in the early '90s that concerned "ripped from the headlines" social issues. Bed of Lies was Susan Dey's first project after departing L.A. Law (though the movie would be broadcast before her final episode of L.A. Law was aired) and her first TV movie since I Love You Perfect in 1989. Bernard Sofronski, Susan Dey's husband, was an executive producer of Bed of Lies and he would also produce Whose Child Is This? The War for Baby Jessica starring Susan Dey the following year. Bed of Lies is based on the book Deadly Blessing by Steve Salerno.

In Bed of Lies, Susan Dey portrays Vickie Daniel, a poor woman who catches the eye of the son of the governor of Texas, Price Daniel Jr (played by Chris Cooper). He romances her and convinces her to marry him. Though she has some reservations about the marriage, mostly due to the fact that she is white trash and he is high society, she goes ahead with it. Things quickly turn sour as Price becomes increasingly mean and distant towards Vickie. They have a few kids together and along the way Price's drinking escalates and he occasionally hits Vickie. Eventually, after he starts being mean to the kids, she kills him in "self-defense." Fortunately for her, a hotshot lawyer, Richard 'Racehorse' Haynes (played by Fred Dalton Thompson) decides to defend her in the ensuing court battle.

Bed of Lies is a showcase for Susan Dey, allowing for a myriad of costume changes, numerous opportunities to act sexy, plus chances to play the aggressor and even more chances to play the victim. It's a fun TV movie, if a little one-dimensional in its presentation of a true story. Bed of Lies originally aired on ABC though it is often characterized as a Lifetime movie (and it does fit right in with the Lifetime style).

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