Susan Dey in I Love You Perfect

1989 saw Susan Dey doing two projects outside of her role on L.A. Law. The first was a cameo in the cameo-filled mockumentary That's Adequate. Next was a TV movie for ABC entitled I Love You Perfect. It was produced by the prolific Stephen J. Cannell, who was far better known for writing and producing countless action and adventure television features. The project was also one of two movies which was co-produced by Susan Dey's production company (the other being Love, Lies & Lullabies). Also of note is the fact that the infamous Yanni composed the soundtrack.

Check out some promotional images from the movie in this follow-up post about I Love You Perfect.

John Leonard wrote this brief piece on I Love You Perfect for New York Magazine's October 9, 1989 issue:

Think of I Love You Perfect as Terms of Endearment scaled down and moralized for television, without Shirley MacLaine or Jack Nicholson. Dying of cancer this time is Susan Dey--Harry Hamlin's main squeeze on L.A. Law. Loving her anyway is Anthony John Denison, the bad guy in Crime Story: "I'm not letting abnormal cells mess us up." Both of them blame, and sue, a medical clinic for failing to warn her in time about her pap smears. There's also a delicatessen. And a horse. This horse was set free by romantic wild thing Dey early on in the movie, which is one of the reasons Denison loves her. The horse comes back at the end to commiserate, as if Denison were the peasants in Viva Zapata!
Having said this, I'm honor-bound to admit that Dey and Denison are persuasive as lovers and affecting as victims.

Here is a newspaper clipping from The Argus-Press dated October 6, 1989: