Susan Dey 1993 magazine cover

Here's Susan Dey on the cover of the March 1993 issue of 'Los Angeles' magazine...holding a Partridge Family lunch box!

Susan Dey comments on Looker

Here is a brief newspaper clipping from late 1981 which features Susan Dey discussing her nude scene for the movie Looker. The clipping also mentions that the actress was receiving good reviews for her role in Looker, though the film itself was not a critical favorite.

22 images of Susan Dey on Emerald Point

In 1983, Susan Dey made a return to series television when she joined the large ensemble cast of the night time soap Emerald Point N.A.S. Unfortunately, the show was short-lived (I would have loved to see more!) and only one season was produced (would someone please release a proper DVD set!). On Emerald Point, Susan Dey played Celia, the troubled oldest sister of the Mallory family. She looked great on the show, wore a variety of hairstyles and had a fantastic chic early 1980s wardrobe...but what you may notice most are her lovely eyes which are clearly striking even through old videotape!