Don't envy Susan Dey's skin (in 1973)

Here is an interesting newspaper clipping from April 1973 where Susan Dey talks about her skin and what she does to keep it soft and looking pretty.

Vanna White is a Susan Dey fan

Here's a newspaper clipping from 1987 where Vanna White reveals her Susan Dey fandom! She says that Susan Dey is her "role model" and that she "just wanted to be her!" The mention of Corbin Bernsen is in reference to the fact that around that time, Vanna White had been romantically linked in the press to Susan Dey's L.A. Law co-star (though Vanna denied everything). Anyways, it is always nice to see another Susan Dey fan!

14 Pics of Susan Dey in First Love

In 1977, Susan Dey starred in the movie First Love and she perhaps never looked more beautiful...and here are the pictures to prove it!

Susan Dey and William Katt

Susan Dey talks Bed of Lies

Here's a great article about Susan Dey, written during the making of Bed of Lies. This piece was published about six months before the film debuted on television, before the title Bed of Lies was chosen. The previous title for the project was Deadly Blessing, also the title of the book on which the movie was based. This article also gives some great details about shooting Bed of Lies on-location in Texas, including how Susan Dey developed the accent she used in the movie with the help of a local woman who became her dialogue coach.

Susan Dey gets press for Loves Me, Loves Me Not

As you may know, Susan Dey attempted a return to series television in 1977, three years after her successful run on The Partridge Family came to an end. The show was a romantic comedy called Love Me, Loves Me Not and, unfortunately, it was cancelled following its scheduled Spring 1977 six week run.

The series did get some positive build-up in the press, though articles were careful to mention that the show was green-lit at the last minute and was made rather hastily.

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Some critics didn't seem to enjoy to the show (even if, in this case, they didn't say specifically why they didn't like it):

Other critics seemed to have a good reaction to Loves Me, Loves Me Not, but still felt that the show probably would not be on TV for too long (despite Susan Dey's obvious charm):

Clip of Susan Dey on Petrocelli

Recently, we took a look a Susan Dey's 1976 guest appearance on the TV show Petrocelli. Well, here's a short clip of Susan Dey and the star of Petrocelli, Barry Newman, having a chat. Enjoy!