Susan Dey in Looker (post #2)

Here are a bunch of pictures of Susan Dey in Looker, Michael Crichton's classic film from 1981. Alongside stars Albert Finney and James Coburn, Susan Dey plays model Cindy Fairmont.

Click here for promotional images from Looker.

Susan Dey in autographed photos

Here are a few autographed pics of Susan Dey. I can't verify the authenticity of the signatures...but the photos themselves are excellent!

Susan Dey in funky sweaters!

The following are some photos of Susan Dey wearing decidedly funky sweaters. Why am I posting these? I don't know! Enjoy them anyway!

First is a series of four images featuring a multicolored sweater. For some reason I think she resembles Meg Ryan in the second photo....

Here are a couple more images of Susan Dey sporting sweaters:

Susan Dey in Beyond Betrayal

In 1994, Susan Dey starred in Beyond Betrayal, a made-for-television movie which aired on CBS. It was the fourth and final film in a successful run of ripped-from-headlines style movies of the week (preceded by Bed of Lies, Love Lies & Lullabies and Whose Child Is This?) she did in the first half of the 1990s. In Beyond Betrayal, Susan Dey plays a battered wife who has gone into hiding, fearing that her police officer ex-husband still wants her back or wants her dead.

One of the draws of this TV movie was the re-teaming of Emerald Point N.A.S. co-stars Susan Dey and Richard Dean Anderson. They both had pursued successful television careers following the premature cancellation of that series and both had cultivated many fans. Even though they only shared the screen for a relatively short time during Beyond Betrayal, the prospect of these appealing stars working together again was reason enough for many people to watch.

The following are some newspaper articles about Beyond Betrayal. First is a piece about the movie that ran in the TV Star section of The Free Lance-Star, a publication from Fredericksburg, Virginia, on September 24, 1994:

Here are some more miscellaneous newspaper clippings:

Gainesville Sun (October 11, 1994)

Alton Telegraph (September 25, 1994)

Here are some images of Susan Dey in Beyond Betrayal (click for full size):