Image of Susan Dey from the 1983 miniseries Malibu

At last, a promotional pic of Susan Dey (pictured here with co-star William Atherton) from the 1983 two-part television event, Malibu.

Another clip of Susan Dey on The Quest

Here's another clip of Susan Dey in the Old West, from the short-lived 1976 TV series The Quest. This scene actually takes place directly after the previous clip. Susan Dey, whose character had just been "rescued" from a Native American tribe, and her co-stars Kurt Russell and Tim Matheson attend a party. Since she had been living with the Indians and has a half-breed son, Susan Dey's character runs into some discrimination. Things really begin to heat up when Susan Dey and actress Bibi Besch have an emotional showdown in front of a roomful of onlookers.

Another clip of Susan Dey on S.W.A.T.

Here's another clip from Susan Dey's 1975 guest appearance on S.W.A.T. In this clip, Susan Dey has dinner with Robert Urich. First, they listen to some guy strumming a guitar and then she chooses to talk about how great dolphins are!

Susan Dey in A Place at the Table

Finally, a photo of Susan Dey (pictured with co-star David Morse) from her 1988 TV project A Place at the Table. The hour-long drama originally aired as a "NBC Family Special" in March of 1988. Besides Susan Dey, several other stars were involved including film star Danny Glover, TV star Jean Smart and child stars Lukas Haas and Jenny Lewis. The issue at hand was child hunger in America and the program was apparently well-seen during it's original broadcast. A Place at the Table seems to have disappeared since then but it does sound worthy of viewing, if not only for curiosity's sake.