Susan Dey in that swimsuit from Looker

In 1981, Susan Dey returned to the big screen in the movie Looker. She was one of the focal points of the film, appearing as model Cindy Fairmont in several key scenes which have helped Looker become a cult classic. Famously, she appeared in a revealing white swimsuit during a scene in the movie where she was shooting a TV commercial.

The following are a few images of Susan Dey in that swimsuit from Looker:

Susan Dey in various wire photos

Susan Dey got her fair share of press, especially in the 1970s and 80s during the height of her fame. These wire photos (images for use by news services) are very large, crystal clear and a pleasure to view!

Susan Dey as Laurie Partridge

Susan Dey in 1972 with her cat Bruner (!)

Susan Dey in 1975

Susan Dey in a photo dated June 1978

Susan Dey and John Ritter in The Comeback Kid from 1980

Susan Dey and Harry Hamlin in the 1986 L.A. Law episode "House of the Rising Flan"

Susan Dey likes older men!

As some of you may have heard, Susan Dey has been married twice, both times to men older than her. Some have wondered what attracts her to men that are of a more advanced age. Well, in this newspaper clipping Susan Dey briefly explains her motives.

(Click the image to see it full size)

Susan Dey has a bad hair day

Just because the last post was about Susan Dey's nice blonde hair in the early 1980s, I thought I would continue with the hair topic and share this image of Susan Dey having a "bad hair day". This image comes from the Star tabloid, dated February 22, 2000. Susan Dey, especially because of The Partridge Family (and not to mention some of her early modeling work was for hair care products), has been known for having beautiful hair. So it makes sense that a tabloid would take the opportunity to take a jab at her when they came across a photo of her like this. Not very nice but humorous nonetheless!

(Click the image to supersize it.)

Susan Dey with blonde hair circa 1981

Here are a bunch of photos of Susan Dey from what I believe to be circa 1981. I'm basing this assumption on the fact that this is the color and style of hair that she had for the movie Looker. When Susan Dey did The Comeback Kid in 1980, she was still a brunette and by 1983, when she did Sunset Limousine, she was back to having brown hair. Shortly thereafter, Susan Dey would return to having varying shades of blonde hair.

Anyways, these are some professional pics of Susan Dey. As you probably know, Susan Dey began her career as a model and quickly put that aside to focus on acting. These photos show her making use of some of her modeling skills.

Susan Dey and Richard Dean Anderson

Susan Dey and Richard Dean Anderson first appeared together on the prime time soap opera Emerald Point N.A.S. She played the troubled Admiral's daughter Celia Mallory and he played studly Navy Lieutenant Simon Adams and they had a romance plot-line on the show.

Susan Dey and Richard Dean Anderson on Emerald Point NAS

Ten years after Emerald Point N.A.S. ended its brief run on television, Susan Dey and Richard Dean Anderson teamed up again for Beyond Betrayal. The 1994 made-for-TV movie saw Susan Dey on the run from her psycho-stalker ex-husband Richard Dean Anderson, who just happens to be a police officer. However, because she was on the run from him, that meant that they didn't really share the screen together until the end of the movie. Regardless, the movie was sold on the promise of seeing these two stars together again.

Here are two publicity pics of Susan Dey and Richard Dean Anderson for Beyond Betrayal: