Another clip of Susan Dey in Bed of Lies

Here is a clip of the "towel scene" from the 1992 TV movie Bed of Lies. This is just one great scene of many from this very campy movie-of-the-week starring Susan Dey and Chris Cooper. In this scene, Susan Dey wears nothing but a towel and attempts to give her new husband a nice surprise. This would please most men (and many women) but her hubby reacts negatively!

Clip of Susan Dey in Terror on the Beach

Here's a clip from the 1973 made-for-TV thriller Terror on the Beach. The project has the distinction of being the first of many TV movies Susan Dey would make throughout her career. In this clip, Susan Dey and her mother (played by Estelle Parsons) get harassed by two scruffy young men. And, in case you were wondering, Susan Dey appears in a two-piece swimsuit! Of course, you already watched this movie on YouTube or elsewhere, but I think this scene is worth seeing again!

Take a Susan Dey trivia quiz!

Always wanted to test your knowledge of Susan Dey's acting career? This 1993 newspaper trivia quiz let's you have your chance!

Scroll down just a little bit for the answers. I hope you did well on this quiz!

More L.A. Law era newspaper clippings

Previously, we took a look at some various press pieces from Susan Dey's time as Grace Van Owen on the hit series L.A. Law. Well, here are a few more newspaper clippings for your viewing pleasure:

And finally something a little more substantial for you to read:

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