L.A. Law

From 1986 to 1992 Susan Dey played Grave Van Owen on the NBC hour-long drama/comedy L.A. Law. She won a Golden Globe award in 1988 for her portrayal and also received four other Golden Globe nominations and three Emmy nominations.

L.A. Law premiered just a little over a decade after The Partridge Family ended. In between, Susan Dey had attempted two other television series (Loves Me, Loves Me Not and Emerald Point N.A.S.), both not lasting more than one season. Here was not only a return to TV success but a return to the spotlight after a slow mid-1980s period.

Susan Dey battles James Earl Jones on L.A. Law

Unfortunately, and rather strangely for such a popular show, no season of L.A. Law has been released on dvd as of yet. However, the 2002 L.A. Law reunion movie featuring the return of the entire cast is out there.

Susan Dey & Harry Hamlin

One of initial drawing points of the L.A. Law was the relationship between the characters played by Susan Dey and Harry Hamlin. The romance between Grave Van Owen and Michael Kuzak during the first season helped boost the show's ratings and the continued ups and downs of their relationship over the course of the following seasons was always a popular storyline.

Susan Dey and Harry Hamlin made the TV movie Disappearance together in 2002. It aired on TBS less than a month before L.A. Law: The Movie was shown on NBC. Disappearance is a mystery movie with horror elements about a family that encounters a sinister ghost town. Susan Dey and Harry Hamlin play husband and wife and have pretty good chemistry. It was fun to see them working together again, 10 years after L.A. Law, and getting to do different roles than they had done before.