Susan Dey in Sunset Limousine

In the fall of 1983, Susan Dey was receiving a nice amount of TV exposure. September of that year saw her starring in the night time soap opera Emerald Point N.A.S. The next month saw the airing of Sunset Limousine, a fun made-for-television movie which featured Susan Dey re-teaming with star John Ritter. Three years earlier, the two had co-starred in another TV movie, The Comeback Kid. Somebody must have thought they had good onscreen chemistry, so Susan Dey and John Ritter were again paired up as romantic leads.

In Sunset Limousine, Susan Dey plays Julie Preston, a single mother who has been seeing aspiring stand-up comic Alan O'Black (John Ritter). The beginning of the movie shows Susan Dey kicking John Ritter out, claiming that he needs to get it together, and Ritter promptly sets about trying to get her back for the remainder of the film. After getting a job as a limo driver from his friend Jay (played by Paul Reiser), John Ritter gets himself into a bunch of comedic trouble involving one Bradley Z. Coleman (Martin Short). All the while Ritter rehearses his stand-up routines and does shows in the back room of a comedy club run by Elmer (portrayed by George Kirby). Susan Dey spends her time working at a plant nursery and eventually gets wrapped up in Ritter's life once again.

Susan Dey and George Kirby in Sunset Limousine

Advertisement for 1985 rebroadcast of Sunset Limousine

Promotional still of Susan Dey for Sunset Limousine

Unlike The Comeback Kid, Susan Dey and John Ritter's previous TV movie, Sunset Limousine has been released on dvd. I originally saw the movie on vhs and the dvd has been cleaned up significantly. It is well worth having in your collection if you are a fan of either star.

Here are some images of Susan Dey in Sunset Limousine: