Susan Dey in The Trouble with Dick

Following up on her featured performance in the 1986 low-budget independent-style film Echo Park, Susan Dey appeared the following year in The Trouble with Dick. Circa 1986, she publicly expressed her love of this type of movie, praising low-budget films and exhorting their worth. However, after making these pieces of low-budget cinema, she didn't appear in another one until the late 1990s.

What can I say about The Trouble with Dick? Written, produced and directed by one Gary Walkow, the movie is a bizarre character study of a science fiction author with some psychological issues. The film juxtaposes sci-fi scenes that apparently are happening in the mind of main character Dick Kindred (played by Tom Villard) with his moving into a house inhabited by three women.

Susan Dey plays a woman named Diane, who used to know Dick several years ago. When Dick arrives in a new city he meets up with Susan Dey's character and she suggests that he rent a room in the house that she is living in. He promptly moves into the house, which is owned by a woman named Sheila (played by Elaine Giftos, who had previously appeared on four episodes of The Partridge Family as Reuben Kincaid's sometime love interest Bonnie Kleinschmidt) and her daughter Haley.

Dick wants to hook up with Susan Dey but she initially puts him off. Eventually, after sleeping with both the mother and daughter, and after Susan Dey finds out about his fling with the mother, Dick goes semi-catatonic. After unsuccessfully trying to communicate rationally with Dick, Susan Dey moves out of the house but not before giving Dick her new address. Dick then has to try to get it together enough so that he can go to her and maybe she will decide to give him a chance.

It's an odd movie which apparently won the Sundance Film Festival's top prize in 1987.

Enjoy some images of Susan Dey in The Trouble with Dick: