Susan Dey in Blue River

In 1995, Susan Dey co-starred alongside Jerry O'Connell, Nick Stahl and Sam Elliot in Blue River. In this TV movie, Susan Dey plays the religion-minded mother two troubled boys in 1970s Wisconsin.

Here's a pair of promotional photographs of Susan Dey for Blue River:

Here are some images of Susan Dey in Blue River:

Susan Dey sheds a tear

Susan Dey meets The Stampeders

Here's a cool image and blurb about Susan Dey meeting Canadian rock group The Stampeders in the early 1970s. Oh, the perks of fame!

Susan Dey early photo randomness

Here's a bunch of random early images of Dey. Luckily for her fans, the young actress/model was excessively well photographed meaning that there is a seemingly endless number of pics to look at. Many of you have probably seen some or all of these photos before, but here they are anyways!

Susan Dey's sisters

Susan Dey's personal life is a topic that interests many of her fans and a lot of people seem to be curious about her sisters. I don't know anything about it, to be honest. However, here are two photographs that you've probably seen before but I'm placing here anyways for all to view.