Susan Dey makes the cover once more

Over the years we've examined many Susan Dey magazine covers and it's always nice when a new one pops up. Here's a good one (circa 1992) when Susan Dey was promoting her new sitcom, Love & War.

Another Mary Jane Harper promotional pic

Way back in 2011, we first examined one of Susan Dey's most crucial roles, her portrayal of an abusive mother in the 1977 TV movie Mary Jane Harper Cried Last Night. While there's not much more to say on this topic (except that you should watch it now if you haven't already!), there is something for you to look at...another promo image of Susan Dey and her young co-star Natasha Ryan:

Coffee or tea with Susan Dey

Just for fun, let's take a look at a few random images of Susan Dey holding coffee mugs/tea cups! This certainly could be considered a worthwhile use of your time, so enjoy!

Susan Dey, mug in hand, from Sunset Limousine (1983):

Having a beverage accompanied by a friend in Whose Child Is This? The War for Baby Jessica (1993):

Laurie Partridge & David Cassidy engage in the use of twin cups:

Susan Dey has a drink while sitting at the iconic Partridge kitchen table:

 Susan Dey with her morning cup of coffee in Malibu (1983):

Pouring herself a cup of pure refreshment in Bed of Lies (1992):

On the phone with Susan Dey

Over the years, legendary actress Susan Dey had many opportunities to talk on the telephone while appearing in a variety of television and film projects. The following images are by no means a comprehensive listing of Susan Dey phone-call photos...just a random selection (hopefully enough pictures can be collected for a part 2!).

Susan Dey on the phone in Love, Lies & Lullabies (1993):

Susan Dey takes a call in Echo Park (1986):

Susan Dey on the telephone in Sunset Limousine (1983):

Susan Dey receives another call in Sunset Limousine (1983):

Susan Dey goes cordless in Whose Child Is This? The War for Baby Jessica (1993):

Two pics of Susan Dey talking on a jailhouse phone in Beyond Betrayal (1994):

Susan Dey uses a payphone in Beyond Betrayal (1994):

One more phonecall for Susan Dey in Beyond Betrayal (1994):

Laurie Partridge engages in telephonic communication in an episode of The Partridge Family

Susan Dey makes a crucial call on The Streets of San Francisco in 1976:

Susan Dey almost makes a telephone call on Hawaii 5-O in 1975:

Two pictures of Susan Dey on the phone in Mary Jane Harper Cried Last Night (1977):