Angel in Green featuring Susan Dey

In 1987, Susan Dey co-starred with Bruce Boxleitner in Angel in Green. This TV movie saw Susan Dey playing a young nun who is working in a village on an island somewhere in the Pacific. Bruce Boxleitner plays the army green beret who comes to the island to train the people in the village to defend themselves against violent rebels. Dey and Boxleitner, though their characters are polar opposites, eventually must deal with their feelings for each other.

Susan Dey looked absolutely wonderful in Angel in Green. She had the same hairstyle that she sported in the feature film Echo Park and the first season of her TV series L.A. Law. Dey seemed very youthful and healthy in this project and she had great chemistry with her male co-star, Bruce Boxleitner.

Though it had a VHS release, Angel in Green is another one of those movies that has not been released on DVD. This one seems like a no-brainer for a proper release...Susan Dey and Bruce Boxleitner have tons of fans and the subject matter of the movie would likely appeal to many (military buffs, Christians, 80s nostalgia fans, etc).

Anyways, Susan Dey did some fantastic work in Angel in Green. She gives a very appealing and accessible performance and it certainly ranks among her best stuff. Hopefully, the powers that be will someday give all her fans greater access to this classic made-for-television movie.