Clip of Susan Dey and Robert Urich on S.W.A.T.

Here's a great clip of Susan Dey from her 1975 guest appearance on the successful cop show S.W.A.T. In the two-part episode "Deadly Tide" Susan Dey shared many of her scenes with one of the stars of series, Robert Urich. In this scene, Janice (Susan Dey) goes to the police after her brother turns up dead after an ill-fated diving expedition. She gets very emotional and the cop at the desk won't give her the assistance she Officer Jim Street (Robert Urich), who she had coincidentally spoken with earlier, takes her aside and promises to help.

Clip of Susan Dey and John Ritter in The Comeback Kid

Here's a great clip from Susan Dey's 1980 "comeback" movie (she hadn't done any film/TV projects for two years prior to this), The Comeback Kid. This TV movie paired stars John Ritter and Susan Dey and they worked quite well together (in my opinion at least). Susan Dey and John Ritter would later re-team for the 1983 TV movie Sunset Limousine.

This clip from The Comeback Kid shows the initial meeting between the characters played by Susan Dey and John Ritter. We first see the pair do some jogging and later they have lunch together, all while John Ritter works his comedic magic and Susan Dey looks simply terrific.

Susan Dey won't go to bed feeling guilty

Here is a great newspaper profile of Susan Dey from November, 1987. Though the article is relatively short, it manages to cover a wide variety of subjects. Susan Dey's entire career, from her birth to L.A. Law, is covered. She also discusses her work habits. home life, her daughter, her early modeling career and also some of her charity work. Overall, a fairly informative and entertaining piece!

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Clip of Susan Dey on Hawaii Five-O

Here's a clip of Susan Dey appearing on Hawaii Five-O in 1975. First, I'd like to mention that this clip is not taken from the remastered DVD release of this show. Instead, it is taken from a TV broadcast of the show and maintains the original film quality of the episode. Remastered, the episode is much sharper and has brighter colors, but this version has that nice warm feeling, much more similar to what the show looked like when it originally aired.

Anyways, this scene is from the very beginning of the episode and shows how Susan Bradshaw (Susan Dey) gets into trouble while visiting Hawaii. The name of the actor she shares the scene with is Todd Armstrong.

20 images of Laurie Partridge from the 2nd season of The Partridge Family

Like many other people, my introduction to Susan Dey was through The Partridge Family. In 1970, someone had the incredible sense to take a teen model named Susan Dey and put her on TV...and amazingly it worked. Not only was she one of the most visually stunning individuals to ever appear on television, but she also had great presence as an actress. In her role of Laurie Partridge, Susan Dey was easy to watch, had fine comedic timing and could handle dramatic material as well.

The following are some of my favorite images of Laurie Partridge from the second season of The Partridge Family. Of course, you've most likely seen a lot of pictures of Susan Dey on the show...but hey, she looks great and it surely won't hurt to take a look at a few more!