Susan Dey on The Streets of San Francisco

In the fall of 1976, Susan Dey guest starred on two-part episode of The Streets of San Francisco, which served as the opening of the 5th and final season of the show. Titled 'The Thrill Killers', the double episode was also last to feature star Michael Douglas. In 'The Thrill Killers', Susan day portrays Barbara 'Barbie' Ross, a good girl turned radical. Inspired partially by the Patty Hearst story, the episode deals with an underground revolutionary group which kidnaps an entire jury after they come back with an unfavorable verdict in a case involving members of their group. It's worth watching just to see Susan Dey wielding a gun!

The Streets of San Francisco was done by Quinn Martin Productions, also the producers of her next television guest spot on Barnaby Jones. Also, this TV guest appearance by Susan Dey first aired just six days after the original broadcast of the premiere of The Quest.

Here are some pics of Susan Dey appearing on The Streets of San Francisco: