Various Susan Dey newspaper articles from 1977

Here's a trio of newspaper clippings about Susan Dey, all published in 1977. She received a lot of publicity because she starred in her first feature film (First Love) that year.

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Grace Van Owen era newspaper clippings

Here's a handful of newspaper clippings from Susan Dey's time on L.A. Law. where she portrayed the legendary attorney Grace Van Owen.

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Clip of Susan Dey on Third Watch

Here's a clip of Susan Dey in her final TV appearance (unless she decides to do something else!), playing Dr. Breene on a 2004 episode of Third Watch. In this scene, Susan Dey, playing a counselor, has some words of wisdom for a group of grief-stricken city employees.

Susan Dey in a floppy hat

Here's a great pic of Susan Dey in a floppy hat. Judging by the hat and jacket, this picture is most likely from her first feature film Skyjacked.

Clip of Susan Dey in The Trouble with Dick

In 1987, following up on her 1986 independent film Echo Park, Susan Dey decided to appear in another oddball, low-budget movie, The Trouble with Dick. In this clip, Susan Dey has lunch with the star of the movie, Tom Villard. He chats about his work as a science fiction author and eventually she lets him know about an empty room in the house she lives in. Tom Villard does most of the talking in this clip but nevertheless Susan Dey looks quite stunning the whole time!

Clip of Susan Dey on Matt Helm

In her first TV appearance of 1976, Susan Dey was the featured guest star in an episode the short-lived detective series Matt Helm. This clip is from the very beginning of the episode (called 'Die Once, Die Twice') and shows how Susan Dey's character Ellen Tanner gets into quite a mess after getting into a fight with her husband Griff.

Clip of Susan Dey on Circle of Fear

Here's a nice clip of Susan Dey on the horror anthology series Circle of Fear (Ghost Story was the original title of the show) in 1973. This was Susan Dey's first TV appearance outside of The Partridge Family (though she had a small role in the 1972 feature film Skyjacked) and one of only two instances where she appeared in a horror-related project (the other being the TV movie Disappearance in 2002). Edit: Also (as a Susan Dey fan on Facebook kindly pointed out), Susan Dey's 1995 TV movie Deadly Love, about vampires and murder, should also rightfully be considered a horror-related project. My mistake for not including it!

In the Circle of Fear episode called 'Doorway to Death', Susan Dey plays big sister to two younger kids, played by Leif Garrett and Dawn Lyn. Luckily, Susan Dey already had a bunch of experience acting with children since she had been doing it on The Partridge Family since 1970!

Susan Dey in First Love promo pics

Junge Liebe is the German title of First Love

In 1977, Ssuan Dey appeared in her second feature film, First Love (in 1972 she had a small role in the movie Skyjacked). You can find a bunch of promotional pictures from First Love here...and here are a few more black & white publicity stills for you to take a look at.

Susan Dey in bed

Susan Dey with William Katt and Robert Loggia in First Love

Susan Dey and William Katt in First Love

Susan Dey and John Heard in First Love

Clip of Susan Dey in First Love

Here's a clip from the 1977 film First Love. This scene depicts the initial meeting between Caroline (Susan Dey) and Elgin (William Katt).

Clip of Susan Dey on The Quest

Here's a clip of Susan Dey along with Tim Matheson and Kurt Russell in the debut episode of the TV western The Quest. In this scene, after Charlotte Ross (Susan Dey) has been "rescued" from Native Americans, brothers Quentin and Morgan Beaudine (Matheson & Russell) give her a dress and a hairbrush.

Clip of Susan Dey on Barnaby Jones

Here's a clip of Susan Dey on the TV show Barnaby Jones in 1977. The other actors in the scene are Buddy Ebsen, Mark Shera and Lee Meriwether.