On the phone with Susan Dey

Over the years, legendary actress Susan Dey had many opportunities to talk on the telephone while appearing in a variety of television and film projects. The following images are by no means a comprehensive listing of Susan Dey phone-call photos...just a random selection (hopefully enough pictures can be collected for a part 2!).

Susan Dey on the phone in Love, Lies & Lullabies (1993):

Susan Dey takes a call in Echo Park (1986):

Susan Dey on the telephone in Sunset Limousine (1983):

Susan Dey receives another call in Sunset Limousine (1983):

Susan Dey goes cordless in Whose Child Is This? The War for Baby Jessica (1993):

Two pics of Susan Dey talking on a jailhouse phone in Beyond Betrayal (1994):

Susan Dey uses a payphone in Beyond Betrayal (1994):

One more phonecall for Susan Dey in Beyond Betrayal (1994):

Laurie Partridge engages in telephonic communication in an episode of The Partridge Family

Susan Dey makes a crucial call on The Streets of San Francisco in 1976:

Susan Dey almost makes a telephone call on Hawaii 5-O in 1975:

Two pictures of Susan Dey on the phone in Mary Jane Harper Cried Last Night (1977):

2 advertisements for Loves Me, Loves Me Not

Being a Susan Dey fan is generally fun but one thing that can be infuriating is the fact that one of her projects exists but cannot be seen. In 1977, Susan Dey starred in a sitcom called Loves Me, Loves Me Not which was cancelled not long after it began. Presumably, the show is sitting in some Hollywood vault not being watched by anyone and whoever owns it won't release it in any form because they're sure they won't make any money doing so. Hopefully, pieces of television history such as this will be made available for everyone to see someday (I'm eternally hopeful!).

Meanwhile, here are two more classic ads for Loves Me, Loves Me Not:

Susan Dey classic model poses

Pictures of Susan Dey from this photo shoot (taken around the time she was doing the feature film Looker in the early 80s) are pretty popular. Here's a look at seven images from the session. Of course, Susan Dey began her career as a professional model...so she knew how to strike a pose!

Susan Dey talks about Emerald Point

Here is a brief but fantastic interview with Susan Dey about her role on the 1984 prime-time soap Emerald Point N.A.S. It was a great show that deserved, at the very least, a second season. Alas, the series was cancelled before it had time to properly develop, but while it was on it was a genuinely enjoyable piece of television history.

In this exchange with an editor of Movie Mirror, Susan Dey talks about the pressures of shooting a weekly soap and also discusses the development of Celia, her character on the show.

A nice photo of Susan Dey

If one thing is for certain, its that Susan Dey photographed very well. The following image proves that no matter what era of her career she was in, she always looked great:

Susan Dey with sunglasses

Just in case you were looking for a picture of Laurie Partridge wearing shades!

Susan Dey was a vampire!

Back in February 2011, we first examined Susan Dey's 1995 TV movie Deadly Love. The information offered in that post was sparse but it was all that was available at the time. Now the time has finally come for us to take a deeper look at this fantastic Lifetime vampire movie!

Susan Dey is absolutely wonderful in Deadly Love. The actress is perhaps at the very top of her game, having just come off a string of well-received made-for-television movie projects over the previous few years. Physically, Dey is simply stunning here (she reminded me a bit of Michelle Pfeiffer, only much better looking) and proves beyond a doubt that she could have been starring in feature films if she had wanted or had been given the chance.

Deadly Love allowed Susan Dey an opportunity to do something completely new: play a vampire! Though no stranger to projects involving romance, the actress rarely played in things involving an element of fantasy. She is perfectly cast as the immortally beautiful vampire and she brings a wonderful ethereal quality to her role. 

Dey also has great chemistry with her co-star Stephen McHattie and the two share several somewhat explicit love scenes together. Some Susan Dey fans, if they haven't seen the movie, will be happy to hear that the actress appears to have done most or all of her own love-making scenes with minimal use of a body double!

Overall, Deadly Love is a great entry in the Susan Dey canon. She handles her role with great style and looks lovely doing it.

Here are four promos for Susan Dey and her 1995 Lifetime movie Deadly Love:

Here are 28 images of Susan Dey playing a vampire in Deadly Love: