Clip of Susan Dey and Chad Everett

Yet another clip of Susan Dey from the 1983 two-part TV movie Malibu. This time she shares the screen with legendary actor Chad Everett (and yes, he's shirtless!).

Good things come in pairs

My apologies for the cliche title...this is just an excuse to show two sets of complementary Susan Dey photographs.

Susan Dey: Fantastic Color Portraits

Here's a bunch of fabulous photographs of Susan Dey. You've probably seen some or maybe all of these before, but hey...a great photo is a great photo!

This next one is here already, but you might as well see it again:

Another clip of Susan Dey in Malibu

In this clip from the 1983 television event Malibu, Susan Dey has a chat with actor Steve Forrest who, somewhat ironically, portrays a washed actor. In this scene he wears a see-through mesh shirt (!) while Susan Dey shows off a nice one-piece bathing suit.