Susan Dey classic model poses

Pictures of Susan Dey from this photo shoot (taken around the time she was doing the feature film Looker in the early 80s) are pretty popular. Here's a look at seven images from the session. Of course, Susan Dey began her career as a professional she knew how to strike a pose!

Susan Dey talks about Emerald Point

Here is a brief but fantastic interview with Susan Dey about her role on the 1984 prime-time soap Emerald Point N.A.S. It was a great show that deserved, at the very least, a second season. Alas, the series was cancelled before it had time to properly develop, but while it was on it was a genuinely enjoyable piece of television history.

In this exchange with an editor of Movie Mirror, Susan Dey talks about the pressures of shooting a weekly soap and also discusses the development of Celia, her character on the show.