Susan Dey and Jimmy Smits

Here's a cool candid photo of Susan Dey and her L.A. Law co-star Jimmy Smits. The pair did some great work together on that show!

Susan Dey in Love Leads the Way

Before revitalizing her career in 1986 with the independent feature film Echo Park and a return to mega television exposure with L.A. Law, Susan Dey was featured in the 1984 TV movie Love Leads the Way. This emotional recounting of the early days of seeing eye dogs and the rights of blind people was a Disney Channel original and starred Timothy Bottoms as guide dog pioneer Morris Frank. Love Leads the Way, inexplicably, has failed to surface officially on DVD (as of 2013...hopefully this will be rectified!) despite the high probability that a nostalgic item like this would sell well. Regardless, it is wonderful to see Susan Dey in a period piece (this one is set in the late 1920s).