More random Susan Dey press tidbits

Earlier, we took a look at some newspaper questions and answers involving Susan Dey. Now let's take a peek at some various goings-on printed in newspapers over the years.

First, a very early clipping concerning the "17 year old actress"!

Her response probably wouldn't be the same today as it was in the early 1970s, but here Susan Dey answers a question about the importance of college:

Here is a great clipping in which actress Piper Laurie offers up some quotes about her friend and co-star Susan Dey:

In this newspaper clipping, Susan Dey is used as an example to illustrate a point about the familiarity of faces seen on television over the years:

I love this one. A paparazzi photographer reveals that his "finest moment" was getting sneaky snaps of Susan Dey's 1988 private wedding ceremony!

Very random Susan Dey press tidbits

Up until the late 1990s, Susan Dey was a constant fixture in newspapers and magazines. Whether it was feature articles or just morsels of random gossip, readers wanted to know about Susan Dey. We have already looked at a lot of newspaper articles concerning the popular actress, so now it's time to examine some of the more miscellaneous press Susan Dey has been given over the years.

We'll begin with a few questions & answers. Curious minds always had things they wanted to know about Susan Dey.

First we have a query which involves confusion surrounding the roles played by Susan Dey and one of her attractive contemporaries:

Now, someone gets Susan Dey confused with the similarly named Susan Bay!

Susan Dey having a baby was and always will be an interesting topic. People were even interested back in 1977 when the news was announced:

This person has something they want to know about Susan Dey, but apparently they are not a big fan. They rudely call the actress "small and whiney" and then ask if anyone else was considered for the lead role in the 1993 TV movie-of-the-week Who's Child Is This?:

And, of course, sometimes people had questions that bordered on the bizarre:

Susan Dey on S.W.A.T.

Susan Dey has had many great eras in her career and one of these was her post-Partridge period. Now more mature, not only physically but with more acting experience to draw from, the actress was able to do some great work on TV during 1974-77. Following the demise of The Partridge Family in early 1974, Susan Dey would spend the next few years starring in a couple TV movies and doing guest appearances on various television shows. One such guest role was on the cop series S.W.A.T.

In the two-part episode 'Deadly Tide', Susan Dey portrays Janice, the sister of a scuba diver who gets killed after stumbling upon some crooks. Upset and unable to get proper assistance from the police after her brother's death, Janice turns to Officer Jim Street (Robert Urich) for help. Street believes that her brother's murder might be related to the case he is currently working on.

Even though Susan Dey is not given much screen-time, she still makes a great impact. Stunningly beautiful and full of emotion, Dey is quite captivating. She does most of her scenes with Robert Urich (surprisingly the only time they worked together) but the actress also gets to do some dramatic scenes including one where she is confronted with her brother's corpse.

Overall, this is a great Susan Dey performance, one that was/is eclipsed by her appearance on Hawaii Five-O less than a month after the S.W.A.T. episode originally aired.

Here are some images of Susan Dey on S.W.A.T:

Susan Dey in The Comeback Kid

In 1980, after taking two years away from the screen to have a baby, Susan Dey (to the delight of many, I'm sure) returned to television in the movie The Comeback Kid. The actress, who appeared to be healthy and happy, absolutely lit up the screen and had great chemistry with co-star John Ritter.

The 1976 film The Bad News Bears was a very popular movie and left in it's wake several sequels and a spinoff TV series. It also inspired imitations (rip-offs)...and one of these was The Comeback Kid. Various details are changed but the general premise is the same: irresponsible adult must interact with troubled children. John Ritter does a great job and brings his usual mix of humor and sentimentality to this project. Better yet, he has the gorgeous Susan Dey as his co-star and the pair did so well together that they re-teamed three years later for another TV movie (Sunset Limousine).

Nearly every time I watch a Susan Dey movie or show, I think to that this is thing where she looks the best. I thought that this time...but I've thought that many times before with many other projects of hers. Hey, maybe she does look her best in The Comeback Kid, or maybe it is something else. All that's really clear is that she looks terrific (take a look at the pics below).

Here ares some images of Susan Dey in The Comeback Kid:

The last stand of Laurie Partridge's hair

One of the things (amongst so many fine attributes) that people really loved about Susan Dey's iconic Laurie Partridge character was her hair. Her long brunette hair was adored by many, but at some point Susan Dey changed her hairstyle never to return in quite the same way. So when did she last appear with her original hair? In the 1980 TV movie The Comeback Kid. The following year the actress took a stab at the big screen with Looker and went with a striking blonde hair color. And while Susan Dey has had success with several hairstyles and colors over the years, a lot of people will probably choose to remember her long brown hair the best.

Here is an image of Susan Dey from The Comeback Kid: