Clip of Susan Dey in Bed of Lies

Here's a clip of Susan Dey in her 1992 TV movie Bed of Lies. The story involves the marriage of the son of a former governor of Texas (Chris Cooper) to a white trash woman (Susan Dey), who eventually is accused of murdering him. In this clip from early on in the movie, Susan Dey goes to see the sleazy Chris Cooper to get divorce advise. Later, she chats with her mother while she prepares to go out on a date with him.

Susan Dey and Michael Brandon

In 1975, Susan Dey and Michael Brandon starred in the TV movie Cage Without a Key. She played the hapless victim and he played the lawyer who tirelessly works to free her after a wrongful conviction.

Several years later, Susan Dey and Michael Brandon worked together again...sort of. In 1983, Susan Dey had joined the core cast of the short-lived prime time soap Emerald Point N.A.S. Halfway through the show's one season run, Michael Brandon began appearing on the series. However, Michael Brandon's character was tied-in with another character on the show, so the pair did not get to share the screen all that much.

Clip of Susan Dey on The Streets of San Francisco

Here's a clip of Susan Dey on The Streets of San Francisco. Let me preface this by saying that I am not an expert with audio/video editing. That being said, the source of this video is from a relatively high-quality German broadcast and the audio is from a low-quality English language source. Syncing audio and video is a sometimes tedious task, as some of you may know. I apologize that the audio in this video goes out of sync halfway through, but there is not much dialogue in the second half. Susan Dey's voice is fairly in-sync during the first part of the video. I think you can get the gist of what is going on in this video, despite the audio inconsistencies. I promise to try harder with any further clips :)

In this scene, violent radical (!) Susan Dey makes a desperate phone call to the hospital. However, the cops have traced the call and Michael Douglas arrives on the scene.

Susan Dey talks about "Lies and Lullabies"

Early 1993 saw the premiere of Susan Dey's most outrageous TV movie yet, Love, Lies & Lullabies (also known as simply Lies and Lullabies and also Sad Inheritance). The movie, about a cocaine-addicted woman who has a baby, garnered Susan Dey a bit of press at the time. She had recently left the hit series L.A. Law and was just about to announce her departure from her follow-up sitcom Love & War when the movie was originally broadcast. Accordingly, people were interested in hearing about whatever projects she was doing.

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Susan Dey: Jennifer's in Jail

Apparently, in the summer of 1992, Susan Dey hosted a documentary on Lifetime called Jennifer's in Jail. I was unaware of this project until recently. It is included on some lists of her credits...I guess I had just overlooked it!

Clip of Susan Dey in Bridge of Time

Here's a clip of Susan Dey in Bridge of Time. The 1997 project was the seventh and final TV movie Susan Dey made during the 1990s. She would only go on to make one more made for television film, the L.A. Law reunion movie in the 2002. In this scene from Bridge of Time, Susan Dey has a chat with Cotter Smith before making an ill-fated flight.

Susan Dey vintage Partridge-era newspaper clippings

Here's a small but informative selection of press items published during Susan Dey's tenure on The Partridge Family in the early 1970s. Enjoy!

The following newspaper article was originally printed in January, 1972. You will have to click on the image in order to view it in its original size. The second image continues the text from the fourth column.