Some pics of Susan Dey in The Gift of Life

Here's a trio of pics of Susan Dey in her 1982 TV movie The Gift of Life. The movie was an early look at what would become a favorite TV movie topic: surrogate motherhood. The project was directed by Jerry London who had previously directed Susan Dey in half a dozen Partridge Family episodes. The Gift of Life received an Emmy nomination, but not for anything having to do with the acting, directing or the script. The Emmy nod went to a song that was written for the movie.

Susan Dey and Paul Le Mat

As a bonus (in case you haven't seen it), here is a promo pic of Susan Dey and her Gift of Life co-star Paul Le Mat:

Susan Dey in a 1977 review of First Love

Molly Haskell wrote this piece about Susan Dey's movie First Love for New York Magazine (August 14, 1977).

Susan Dey in two candid early photos

A very young Susan Dey poses for the camera. It looks like she's in someone's living room!

Susan Dey in a blue shirt!

A lot of you have probably already seen all or some of these publicity photos of Susan Dey, but I thought I would include them here anyway (especially for those who may not have seen them!). I believe the pics are circa late 1980s, during her tenure on L.A. Law.

Susan Dey with an intense gaze

Here is another image from the same photo session, this pic being used for a feature on Susan Dey in an issue of Woman's Day magazine. Click on the image to make it bigger.

Susan Dey in Disappearance 2002 print ad

This is an advertisement for the 2002 TV movie Disappearance. One of the main draws of the project was the re-teaming of former L.A. Law co-stars Susan Dey and Harry Hamlin. This same promotional image is often seen elsewhere in color, but this version is black and white and has a TBS logo inserted in the bottom corner.