Susan Dey in Love & War

In 1992, after leaving the iconic L.A. Law, Susan Dey's next project was a sitcom entitled Love & War. Of course, she had gotten popular in the first place appearing on a half hour comedy program called The Partridge Family. However, when she attempted the format again in 1977 with Loves Me, Loves Me Not (done by the same team that did the more successful Soap later on that year), the show only ran for six episodes. After that she abandoned the format for feature films, TV movies, and hour long dramas. But following six seasons of L.A. Law, Susan Dey decided to attempt comedy again, partnering with sitcom veteran Jay Thomas. In the end it wasn't meant to be and she left the show after only one season due the ubiquitous 'creative differences' explanation.

Reading Eagle (September 21, 1992)

Cast of Love & War

Promotional photo from Love & War of Susan Dey and Jay Thomas