Susan Dey in Angel in Green

Between the first and second seasons of L.A. Law, Susan Dey made the CBS TV movie Angel in Green. The project teamed television veterans Susan Dey and Bruce Boxleitner as a nun and military man. It also featured two other television veterans in the form of Milo O'Shea and Dan Lauria (best known as the dad from The Wonder Years, he had also put in guest appearances on L.A. Law and Bruce Boxleitner's Scarecrow and Mrs. King).

There are screencaps from Angel in Green here on a Bruce Boxleitner fan site.

Here are some newspaper clippings:

Daytona Beach News-Journal (September 20, 1987)

Evening Times (August 1, 1987)

St. Joseph News-Press (April 11, 1987)

Here are three different VHS covers for Angel in Green: