Very random Susan Dey press tidbits

Up until the late 1990s, Susan Dey was a constant fixture in newspapers and magazines. Whether it was feature articles or just morsels of random gossip, readers wanted to know about Susan Dey. We have already looked at a lot of newspaper articles concerning the popular actress, so now it's time to examine some of the more miscellaneous press Susan Dey has been given over the years.

We'll begin with a few questions & answers. Curious minds always had things they wanted to know about Susan Dey.

First we have a query which involves confusion surrounding the roles played by Susan Dey and one of her attractive contemporaries:

Now, someone gets Susan Dey confused with the similarly named Susan Bay!

Susan Dey having a baby was and always will be an interesting topic. People were even interested back in 1977 when the news was announced:

This person has something they want to know about Susan Dey, but apparently they are not a big fan. They rudely call the actress "small and whiney" and then ask if anyone else was considered for the lead role in the 1993 TV movie-of-the-week Who's Child Is This?:

And, of course, sometimes people had questions that bordered on the bizarre: