More random Susan Dey press tidbits

Earlier, we took a look at some newspaper questions and answers involving Susan Dey. Now let's take a peek at some various goings-on printed in newspapers over the years.

First, a very early clipping concerning the "17 year old actress"!

Her response probably wouldn't be the same today as it was in the early 1970s, but here Susan Dey answers a question about the importance of college:

Here is a great clipping in which actress Piper Laurie offers up some quotes about her friend and co-star Susan Dey:

In this newspaper clipping, Susan Dey is used as an example to illustrate a point about the familiarity of faces seen on television over the years:

I love this one. A paparazzi photographer reveals that his "finest moment" was getting sneaky snaps of Susan Dey's 1988 private wedding ceremony!