Susan Dey in The Comeback Kid

In 1980, after taking two years away from the screen to have a baby, Susan Dey (to the delight of many, I'm sure) returned to television in the movie The Comeback Kid. The actress, who appeared to be healthy and happy, absolutely lit up the screen and had great chemistry with co-star John Ritter.

The 1976 film The Bad News Bears was a very popular movie and left in it's wake several sequels and a spinoff TV series. It also inspired imitations (rip-offs)...and one of these was The Comeback Kid. Various details are changed but the general premise is the same: irresponsible adult must interact with troubled children. John Ritter does a great job and brings his usual mix of humor and sentimentality to this project. Better yet, he has the gorgeous Susan Dey as his co-star and the pair did so well together that they re-teamed three years later for another TV movie (Sunset Limousine).

Nearly every time I watch a Susan Dey movie or show, I think to that this is thing where she looks the best. I thought that this time...but I've thought that many times before with many other projects of hers. Hey, maybe she does look her best in The Comeback Kid, or maybe it is something else. All that's really clear is that she looks terrific (take a look at the pics below).

Here ares some images of Susan Dey in The Comeback Kid: