Susan Dey on Petrocelli

In early 1976, Susan Dey was one of the guest stars in an episode of the TV series Petrocelli. The episode, titled "The Falling Star," was originally broadcast on January 21 of that year and marked her second television guest appearance that year (January 3, 1976 saw the original airing of her guest role on Matt Helm).

I had been waiting to see Susan Dey on Petrocelli for quite some time. I knew that this episode was in existence on the collector's circuit in VHS-sourced format but I hadn't wanted to pay a great deal of money to obtain it. So, after being endlessly patient, a better quality version finally popped up. Was it worth wait? Yes, yes it was! Even though Susan Dey's character is not the main focus of the episode, she has enough scenes to make it completely worthwhile.

In "The Falling Star" episode of Petrocelli, Susan Dey plays Jenny Halliday, a professional actress shooting a film in the Southwestern city of San Remo. The producer of the project she is working is murdered and it turns out that her father, who she has not seen since she was a child, is the prime suspect.

Overall, the episode was quite fun to watch. As mentioned, Susan Dey does not have all that much screen time but she makes the most of the time she is given. She looks absolutely fantastic throughout and she handles her role quite well.

Here are some images of Susan Dey appearing on Petrocelli:

In case there was any doubt that Susan Dey's eyes are beautiful, take a look at the pictures above and below!

Susan Dey and Ken Curtis