Susan Dey gets press for Loves Me, Loves Me Not

As you may know, Susan Dey attempted a return to series television in 1977, three years after her successful run on The Partridge Family came to an end. The show was a romantic comedy called Love Me, Loves Me Not and, unfortunately, it was cancelled following its scheduled Spring 1977 six week run.

The series did get some positive build-up in the press, though articles were careful to mention that the show was green-lit at the last minute and was made rather hastily.

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Some critics didn't seem to enjoy to the show (even if, in this case, they didn't say specifically why they didn't like it):

Other critics seemed to have a good reaction to Loves Me, Loves Me Not, but still felt that the show probably would not be on TV for too long (despite Susan Dey's obvious charm):