Susan Dey talks about fashion and diets

Here's an enthusiastic piece on Susan Dey written for a fan magazine from May 1972. Topics covered include Susan Dey's eating habits and what clothes she likes and dislikes. It also mentions the name of her roommate...I wonder what happened to her?

Susan always manages to stay on a strict diet, keeping her lovely thin shape in great form. She eats a great deal of celery and carrot sticks and doesn't touch anything greasy or fattening. Sweets are definitely the thing that is not allowed as far as Susan's concerned and she can't remember the last time she had french fried potatoes. She admits, "I am hard to feed when I go to somebody's house for dinner, as there is so much that I don't eat, but people who know me well enough to invite me to their house take my crazy eating habits in stride."

Living with her roommate Jane Joyce, Susan more or less got Jane on the kick of eating only essential foods -- foods to make the body healthy and not fatty. Skim milk is on her diet along with wheat germ and most of the foods you would find at a health food store. She will eat fish every now and then, but she never eats any kind of meat. Somehow that's a "no-no" as far as Miss Dey is concerned.

When she gets dressed you can tell why she looks so beautiful. She wears clothes like a dream and it would be any store owners delight just to see her in their latest creation.

While Susan loves to loaf around in levies and sweat shirts, she is thrilled that the fashion colors this year are lavenders and purples. She takes advantage of these high colors, as she looks so well in them, and her wardrobe now consists of the latest sweaters and slacks in wines, purples, etc. She doesn't buy many dresses, as Susan loves to "hang around" but no matter what she wears -- she's a "knockout"!

When dresses in a skirt, she loves the look of loafers and blouses under sweaters. Kneesocks aren't exactly Susan's cup of tea, but pleated skirts are.

Susan loves to wear everything loos, as she confide, "I know that I'm slender, and if I wear anything form fitting, I look to skinny."

We think she's wrong. She's a knockout in whatever she wears, and what a lucky girl -- having a face to go along with her every change of clothes -- her every mood --her every whim!