Susan Dey posed nude before First Love?

In 1977, Susan Dey famously went against her wholesome image and appeared topless in the movie First Love. But had she appeared naked prior to that groundbreaking cinematic experience? The short answer is no, but this circa 1971 article examines an incident that happened years before during Susan Dey's pre-Partridge modeling career.

Move over David aren't the only member of the Partridge Family to show your, uh, feathers!

Susan Dey -- known to millions of her young fans as virginal, squeaky-clean Laurie Partridge -- has gone and shown a new "side" of herself.

What exactly is Susan's new "side"? Well, if you must see for yourself, just pick up a copy of the Japanese (!) magazine which features a rather revealing shot of Susan.

Susan is wearing (1) a wide-open smile and (2) a half-wide-open sweater which leaves only half to the imagination. How and why did Susan pose for this shot?

Susan says it all happened when she was 16-years-old (four years ago) when she first began her modeling career. And that she was so horrified by the experience that she fled in disgust -- not even bothering to pick up the pix! And that she's even more horrified now that the pic in question has surfaced. That's what she says.

Well, if nothing else, Susan's semi-"nude" posing at least gives a real eye-full to those Hollywood insiders who insisted David Cassidy's au naturel spread in Rolling Stone would show the first--and last--of the Partridge Family "behaving so blatantly against their public image."

Frankly, we aren't surprised. After David and Susan, though, we wonder -- who's next?

Shirley Jones?

Or...shudder, shudder...Danny Bonaduce???