Susan Dey at the awards shows

When Susan Dey joined the cast of L.A. Law in 1986, she opened herself up to something fairly new: awards. Annually, the people of the film and television industry pat themselves on the back and give out a bunch of awards. Of course, Susan Dey had gotten a Golden Globe nomination back in 1973, but that was nothing like the televised onslaught of the late '80s and early '90s that the actress weathered. She only won once (a Golden Globe award in 1988), but Susan Dey was a good sport and was on-hand for many other ceremonies.

The following is a look a just a few (it is by no means a complete overview) examples of Susan Dey at awards ceremonies during her L.A Law days.

1987 Emmy Awards

1988 Emmy Awards

1988 Golden Globe Awards

1989 Golden Globe Awards

1990 Golden Globe Awards

1991 Golden Globe Awards

1992 Golden Globe Awards