Redux: Susan Dey on Circle of Fear

One of the earliest topics we discussed here was Susan Dey's fantastic guest appearance on the horror anthology Circle of Fear (known originally as Ghost Story). As mentioned previously, Susan Dey's 1973 guest role on Circle of Fear was a nice look at the actress beyond the confines of The Partridge Family.

Why are we discussing this again? Well, mainly it is an excuse to put up 25 remastered images of a lovely, impossibly young, Susan Dey. When we looked at this performance previously, the pictures of the actress were incredible but the quality of the film print left a little something to be desired.

Beyond doing a solid job acting, Susan Dey looks absolutely amazing in her appearance on Ghost Story. So good, in fact, that I like to think that even non-fans (do these people really exist??) would be hard-pressed to deny that Susan Dey had one of the most striking faces and lovely overall visual appearances of the early 1970s.

Again, head here to see an earlier post about the same subject and go here to check out an original newspaper ad.

Here are 25 images of Susan Dey on Circle of Fear: