Susan Dey on Family Law

In 1999, Susan Dey guest starred on an episode of Family Law called 'Holt vs Holt'. Unlike her legal show L.A. Law, where she played a attorney, on Family Law Susan Dey portrayed a victim. Her case involved her termination from a lingerie company after she had a mastectomy due to cancer.

This guest appearance by Susan Dey is in some ways quite different from much of her other work. In the bulk of the projects Susan Dey participated in throughout her 34 year career she is meant to be blatantly attractive. On this episode of Family Law, Susan Dey get a chance to play a woman who is sick. This changes the focus from her physical beauty (which many people can't seem to get past) to her acting ability, allowing her to illustrate the hardships of cancer.

Here are a few images of Susan Dey on Family Law: