Susan Dey: the "lost" performances

Let's take a look at some of Susan Dey's "lost" roles. Of course, they aren't really lost...I'm just using that term to describe the fact that I haven't seen them! Some of you probably have seen these or have these TV episodes in your private collections (I know that some of these episodes, like The Rookies and Petrocelli, are currently being sold and traded on the collector's circuit). Meanwhile, for the rest of us who haven't seen them, here's some info on a few of Susan Dey's early television guest appearances that are somewhat lesser known.

Born Free "A Matter of Survival" (originally broadcast September 23, 1974)

The Rookies "Angel" (originally broadcast February 3, 1975)

Good Heavens "A Night with Brockton" (originally broadcast May 22, 1976)