Susan Dey in The Gift of Life

In 1982, Susan Dey starred in a television movie for CBS about a surrogate mother entitled The Gift of Life. The previous year, she had done a co-starring turn in the feature film Looker, but she would not do another big screen movie until 1986. The Gift of Life was the first Susan Dey TV project during that five years.

The Gift of Life was produced and directed by Jerry London, who had directed several episodes of The Partridge Family. The movie also featured performances from Paul Le Mat, Cassie Yates, Caroline McWilliams and Priscilla Pointer. The title song for the film was written and performed by singer-songwriter Lane Brody.

I haven't seen it and I don't know if its even out there on the collector's circuit. However, here are two newspaper clippings about The Gift of Life: