Susan Dey hosts Saturday Night Live

In early 1992, Susan Dey's career was perhaps at its zenith. At that moment in time, Dey was finishing up her successful six season run on the popular TV series L.A. Law, one of her most beloved TV movies (Bed of Lies) would premiere, and later in the year she would star in her own sitcom, Love & War. With her popularity at an astonishing apex, Susan Dey was called upon to host an episode of the legendary NBC sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live.

Susan Dey was a great choice to host SNL. Of course, she was a highly visible actress at this time and her name would be a great draw for many viewers. Dey was also quite adept at working in a comedic setting...she had begun her acting career on a very funny show, The Partridge Family, and had also starred in another short-lived sitcom in 1977. With over two decades of stage and screen experience, the talented actress would have no problem humorously hosting SNL.

Besides spoofing her most popular television characters, Laurie Partridge and Grace Van Owen, in hilarious sketches, Susan Dey also got to appear in some amusing scenes alongside SNL cast members Mike Myers and Rob Schneider. Dey, looking terrific in '92, also sheds some clothing in her the delight of the studio audience and viewers worldwide!

Susan Dey gets some big laughs during her Saturday Night Live monologue:

Susan Dey does a sketch alongside SNL cast member Mike Myers:

Another appearance with Mike Myers:

Susan Dey and Rob Schneider do a sketch: