20 images of Laurie Partridge from the 2nd season of The Partridge Family

Like many other people, my introduction to Susan Dey was through The Partridge Family. In 1970, someone had the incredible sense to take a teen model named Susan Dey and put her on TV...and amazingly it worked. Not only was she one of the most visually stunning individuals to ever appear on television, but she also had great presence as an actress. In her role of Laurie Partridge, Susan Dey was easy to watch, had fine comedic timing and could handle dramatic material as well.

The following are some of my favorite images of Laurie Partridge from the second season of The Partridge Family. Of course, you've most likely seen a lot of pictures of Susan Dey on the show...but hey, she looks great and it surely won't hurt to take a look at a few more!